Faith Has Long Range Vision

By Brother Don Hoffman

I was reading part of a book called  “The Purpose Driven Life” a few years ago and picked up a couple things that I found very good.

1.  the first words of the first chapter are “it’s not about me”
2. the next was a statement that said something like … a result of the fall was that man lost his long-range vision….  He began to look for “quick fixes” by his own reasoning instead of being able to see God’s plan and rest in it.
We are so blessed to be living in this Glorious End Time Light where we see the “secret of our lives” made clear and other mysteries that we hold more precious than life itself.
Anyway … the reason I was looking at the book in the 1st place was because I was thinking … if anybody would or should be having a purpose driven life is would be the Bride of Jesus Christ.  Think about the Life of Jesus …. and the Apostles and Prophets….
talk about being purpose driven!!!!  So also should our live be …. with a goal in focus… a real purpose….. reason for each day we are on this earth.
In Exodus 6  God reveals His Name ( in redemption ) to be Jehovah… Different from what He revealed to Abraham… ( God Almighty — or El Shaddai )
He then tells Moses to tell the Israelites His plan…. He unfolds His glorious plan to them which is “Long vision”…
He tells them …. “the end of the story”  He will take them – as His own people – to the promised land.
The problem comes when the journey through many trials begins…. He does not tell them the “in-between” part…and this is where
they are tried and the devil comes in to deceive them through their ” short term vision…..  You’ve heard the expression.. the devil’s in the details….. God did not fill in the details of “how” He would get them there… He just told them the “end”… that they would be there.
very interesting…. anyway ….. all of that to say ..
Here is a quote from brother William Branham from the sermon Why Cry Speak preached in Jeffersonville, Indiana on July 14, 1963.

161 For, you see, faith sees what God wants done. Oh, I hope this goes in.  Faith doesn’t look at the present time.  Faith doesn’t see this here.  Faith looks to see what God wants, and it works accordingly.  That’s what faith does.  It sees what God wants, and what God wants done, and faith operates through that.
162 Faith is a long-range vision.  It don’t lower its sights.  It holds to the target.  Amen!  Any good shooter knows that.  See?  That, it’s long range.  It’s a–it’s a telescope.           It’s a binocular, that you don’t look aroundhere.  You don’t use binoculars to look to see what time it is; see, you don’t use that.  But you use binoculars to look a way off.

163 And faith does that.  Faith picks up God’s binoculars, both of them, both sides, the New and Old Testament, and sees every promise that He made.  And faith sees it out yonder, and faith chooses that regardless of what the present tense says here.  He looks at the end.  He don’t drop his sights down to look this a way.  He looks out yonder.        He keeps the crosshair dead center on the Word.  That’s what faith does.  That’s the faith that’s in a man that does those things.